Ignites YOUR fight ability.. like a blow torch on a gas tank


 "Beat Up Martial Artist Discovers Wild Shortcut Training Secrets That Makes You Unstoppable in Any Fight

 Faster Than Clark Kent On Meth!"


While Sitting In Your Most Comfortable Chair, Quickly Discover The Missing Links That Rapidly Catapults Your Ability to Devastate, Humiliate, and Crush Any Opponent Like a Fly.


 All Without Years in Some Boring Class,

 No Matter What Style You Fight or Want to Fight


  Yes, These Are THE Methods NO Instructor Will Ever Tell You Even If By Some Freak Chance They Do Know Themselves


From: Rod Turner

Dear Friend,

Ignore this and you might be wearing a body bag one day! (I nearly did!)

In the next 5 minutes you're going to have one of three reactions to what I'm about to reveal to you. 

  • Yes, I'm interested in what you've got to offer me, in fact I can't wait to take advantage of it.


  • I'm not sure yet, please tell me more...


  • No, I'm not interested in the least and I choose to remain a mediocre fighter at best.

Whichever it is, if you've got 5 minutes, you owe it to yourself to find out which group you're in.


98% of all martial arts and self defence instructors show you no more than the nuts and bolts of techniques.


They can show you little of how to train them, "own" them, and how to use them effectively, to transform yourself into the almost unstoppable fighter you need to be in this day and age.

My wakeup call luckily came at an early age and at a time and place that didn't put me in the morgue.

I'd been training half assed for a few years but I thought I was pretty hot anyway. Until I got the shit beat out of me in a big and embarrassing way.

Now I said luckily because it was 1978. If it had been 2007 then I probably wouldn't be telling you now. In those 29 years the world has become a vastly more dangerous place

You need to know this stuff NOW and have the skills NOW! Not in a years time. Because if you did what I did in 1978, you'd be leaving that party in a body bag! Or worse still having your family have to decide when to turn off your life support.


Here's What Blasted Me Out of Fantasy Land



A good friend had just moved into a real interesting share house. Two of the five bedrooms were unusable because the previous "tenants" had pulled up the floor for firewood. There had been some very "creative" erotic mural work with gloss house paint too.

Anyway this party was wild. Even the floorless rooms were packed! All but one bedroom that was locked up to store everyone's stuff so it wouldn't get trashed.

One of the girls needed something from her bag. She found it open and minus some major cash.

Of all the dumb ass things she had the months rent money in there! And you know she wasn't even blonde!

The "hosts" decided to ask everyone to put in a few bucks to make it up.

As the party was really going off they figured no one would care too much about the "good time " levy.

Later in the night one of the girls rushed in and said that there was trouble outside.

So being the typically overconfident young martial artist with delusions of being Bruce Lee, I strode outside to see the host of the party and his gaping empty wallet on the porch.

Some rather ugly dude I had never seen before was walking away hunched over muttering "I'm not giving you any f'n money."

I caught him up and put my hand on his shoulder.

My intention was to "explain" the thing about the "levy" properly to him.


He Started to Turn...



I couldn't see properly anymore. It sounded like a dentist drill was in my ear and my shoulder hurt where I landed on the ground after I fell off the side of the porch. Someone hauled me by the arm, kicked me in the ribs and dragged me off into the darkness.

I was hauled up by the hair (it was the 70's!) and held tight.

Blows rained in like fire crackers on Chinese new year.

  I could do nothing but take it.

Fear and pain rushed over me as the adrenalin dump emptied my bladder.

I was dragged to the ground and now kicks cranked up the fear. I curled into the foetal position. I think I heard of in the distance someone yell "leave him alone you ......"

I was in deep shit and I knew it,

when the kicks to the head no longer hurt, They just made funny crunching sounds as they landed.


A voice in my head said "you could die here"


Some part of me replied, "better do something"

None of the fancy martial arts shit I'd learned seemed to be there anymore.

Somehow I got on my feet again by autopilot. I seemed beyond pain.

I hit out in the general direction of the last blow with my left and sort of fell that way too.

Someone grabbed me. I lunged toward the pull and cracked heads with someone and the pulling stopped.

I caught a glimpse of light from the house and silhouetted was the outline of someone large. Very large!

It seems in the seconds or so since I got dragged off (seemed like 15 minutes) some of the other guys at the party came to my rescue and my five scumbag attackers simply ran away.

If I had of been on my own.........well best not to think about it.

As I was helped back into the party I was "mobbed" by the concerned girls who cleaned the blood gently out of my eyes and stopped the rest of the dripping blood from my nose. I was fussed over like a king.

I was in no state to drive so the "rent girl" (bad name I know) drove me back home. I'm sure she would have stayed and "soothed" me, but I was in no state for anything.

In hindsight I should have gone to hospital.


I had three broken ribs. Next day I had slits for eyes and could hardly see. My face looked like a Halloween pumpkin (and was almost the same color too!)

It hurt to breathe in and it hurt even worse to breathe out. I spent two weeks in agony before I could even sleep properly.

From that one dumb ass thing of putting my hand on that guys shoulder.

I learned essential principles of true self protection.......the very hard way!

The element of Surprise ..... Attack first....and the power of the mind.

That night clearly proved to me what I'd learnt and the way I'd been taught to fight wasn't worth shit and in fact had created a very dangerous false sense of confidence.

None of my instructors had ever so much as hinted at what I just discovered.

One beautifully executed back roundhouse to the side of my head and the following 20 seconds or so, smacked me totally from BS land and into reality.

Chances are you're living right now in BS land too.

With little or no real fight skills and none of the tools to get what you need wired into you fast.

In fact I'm willing to bet that your brain and body are incapable of it even with the right fight techniques.


See..You've Never Been Programmed Correct, Right From Birth!

And it's not your fault.

Those "franchise" martial arts and so called self defence instructors have no f'n clue that 95% or their students are missing vital abilities that keep them from succeeding time and time again.

They're just spewing out the crap that they  learnt themselves that's just not effective for nearly everybody else.

Or worse still, they're holding out on you.

Maybe you've already experienced just what I'm talking  about here.

You're on endless cycles of new techniques you never seem to master, never feel comfortable with and deep down know that are not going to seriously kick ass in any situation.

That's because you're missing vital pieces of the puzzle

Or perhaps you're just staring out.

Then you're extremely lucky to be finding out the real situation before you pump your hard earned cash and time into crap that might even get you killed.

I was lucky!

Getting the crap beat out of me (almost literally) set me on a wild discovery ride that left no stone unturned.

That wasn't going to happen to me EVER again, and never has.

In the few "situations" that I haven't been able to avoid, even when outnumbered, they've got the message real quick or been carried out

You see I've got a massive thirst for info in many, many varied and unusual areas. Some of these have led me to discover tools and techniques that no one else has EVER thought of bringing to fight and martial arts training.

I've passed my success onto a select few and now I'm ready to pass this on to a small number of serious folks just like you.

Cos' if you're not serious about being able to majorly kick ass in rapid time this is NOT for you.

Let me explain what I mean....

Hopefully you've heard this before but let me reinforce it again.

In a competition situation or in a learning situation there are rules to protect you from serious injury.

On the street There are no rules


Because as you train is how you fight. Training is where the essential mind-body unity happens. There's no time to think about anything in a real situation (or even high level comp) You have to "just do it" (I was using this long before THAT sports brand hijacked it!)

A real fight lasts no more than 10 seconds. If it does, you haven't done your job. There is absolutely no room for error in the real world.

And it's getting even tougher, meaner and more heartless out there.

Most attackers are now likely to have some skills too. So when it comes to the crunch you need to be the cruncher and you need to get those skills NOW and FAST.

They could likely be out of their head on any number of "substances" and will be totally obsessed and driven by what, in their mind, they have to have right now.

If you delay, then you , your family, or friends are dead meat. YOU HAVE TO GET SERIOUS.

You need to be able to devastate anyone stupid enough to try and mess with you.

And just about everyone else out there can't deliver the goods for you.

YOU ARE ALL ALONE when it comes to your protection and survival. NO cops, security systems, alarms, or whatever are going to be there when you're under threat.

Let's get real about help. No bystander is going to rush to your aid and risk themselves either. They'll be running the hell out of there the other way at warp speed Mr. Scott.

Now Here's The Other Brutal Fact


Martial Arts and so called Self Defence Instructors are NOT Going to Train YOU the Most Efficient and Effective Way!


What the..

It's just not good for business. The quicker they teach you the less money they make. Simple!

Their job is to keep you coming back. That's all!

I show you the deal on what works and what doesn't.

How to supercharge getting skilled and how to overcome your

pre programmed failure mechanisms.

What you need to do to go about both absorbing the skills effectively to protect yourself and your loved ones or....

Rapidly accelerating through the ranks of a more traditional martial art if it's what floats your boat.


That's Why the Professional Instructors Hate Me!


Don't get me wrong, there ARE excellent instructors out there that really know their stuff, they're just so damn hard to find. There's also some killer instructional DVD's and packages out there too, Hell, I've learnt great techniques from these as well.


No one, absolutely NO One else is telling you how to put it all together in a devastating cohesive whole.

Now there are programs that cost many hundreds (some even a few thousand when you add it all up). Monthly "stuff of the month" programs to get the good information costing just as much, or more, than a monthly dojo membership.

That's sort of like an ongoing "virtual dojo" that they don't even have to turn up to. Instructor easy money?

But anyone who tells you that you can learn martial arts or self defence "instantly" is telling you bullshit.

Hell, just the other day I saw a promo for some "new" fight system that made you invincible just by watching the video!


Come on now. What a load of crap.

(Although I am tempted to order it just to see what they're actually trying to sell)

Now the time it actually takes depends on HOW you go about training. You can MASSIVELY shorten the time it takes to excel using the right mind set and techniques.

Talent and athleticism have little to do with becoming a kick ass fighter.

It's simply Intensity and Efficiency.

Long boring training sessions do nothing for you! Unless your mind is ENGAGED you simply will not get it. End of story.

Short, sharp, focussed energy, mind and body is what it takes!

I don't know about you but have you ever tried to put together a complex kids toy model with all those bits and some sketchy outline translated from Chinese twice?

It's pretty damn difficult. (and I'm an engineer too!)

Well that's what it's like with every course or instructional package I've seen out there so far.


They Give You the Bits But Can YOU Put It All Together?


Let's look at it another way. You're all probably familiar with formula 1 motor racing (or NASCAR or Indy cars, whatever you like).

What if the shipping container arrived to you with all the parts? Now these parts are the absolute best in the world.

100's of millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of man hours have gone into research and design of these parts. They are the absolute best on the planet. (just like some of the better fight moves taking hundreds of years to develop and refine).

Could YOU put it all together into the peak of motor racing technology?

Let's say that by some chance you do. You have the machine with all the best bits. Can you get out there on the track then be on the podium spraying that alcoholic fizzy grape stuff everywhere? Probably not!

You need the mind control, focus and a bit of that ole "P" word practice .

Same with those "out of the box" martial arts and self defence/ combat programs.


Do You Have the Skills to Put It All Together and Win the Fight?


Everyone skills best in a different way.

Perhaps you've got the attention span of a goldfish.

You need short ever changing routines.

Because if your minds not there, it's not effective training and you just wasted your time and money.

Or maybe you're a bit of an obsessive compulsive.

Do you think the goldfish approach will work well for you?

Some stuff needs different discovery approaches for different folk.

You've gotta get it right for YOU! Or no matter what style or technique it is you won't get comfortable with it.

There's no one size fits all.

Sure, to be shown a simple but devastatingly deadly move or technique is pure gold.

But for you to "own" it and imprint it and be able to use it when you are shitting your pants is another matter.

Same with "combatives" versus trad martial arts. In my view you get the most effect with a bit of both. They compliment each other and enhance each other.

And that's not the end of it either.

Over my 30 odd year involvement with martial arts and real life fight training,  the tools and techniques I've discovered from OUTSIDE THE MARTIAL ARTS AND FIGHTING WORLD are so kick ass powerful if used correctly they will freak you out. 

To be better than everyone else you need to be thinking outside the box.

And don't forget

Chances are your brain was never programmed right in the first place.

Your independent limb movement and left right brain switching has never been put in place right from birth.

I show you some simple and effective ways to get it on the right track that puts you in hyper drive.

What's more is..

The "fancier" a move looks, usually (but not always) the more actual time it takes to land it. So there's more time to counter it or just plain hit you first.

(the speed of movement may be incredible but you can also see the race car coming at 230 mph down the track and get out of the way too! And when they crash, they CRASH)

Some trainers also talk about the all important "muscle memory" and how you need to train with a movement for it to be second nature. Others say it's BS.

Well they're both right. It's true for a complex "unnatural" move. They take an age for you to "own" and use as reflex.

By unnatural I mean one not similar to what we use in our everyday life and have already years of actual practice using.

If a move is similar to a natural movement "already programmed" then all we need to learn is the difference and the finer points NOT THE WHOLE FREAKING TECHNIQUE.

This is the key to learning devastating real on the street life and death protection in the shortest possible time.

 Combine this with passion, intensity and your own learning mode (remember the goldfish and obsessive compulsive or have you forgotten already? ;-) Then you have the key to unlock your own massive potential RAPIDLY.

Unfortunately a lot of instructors don't know themselves how they got good. It was sort of unconscious. Everything just lined up and they could do it well. Just one of those "naturals"

What if you're like most people and it doesn't just "click together"?

Can the Guy Teach YOU Effectively If He Doesn't Know How He Put Together The Puzzle Himself?

Just because they're good at a martial art or

"Self Defence" themselves doesn't mean they can teach it effectively to you.



You need to get the tools on how to learn it. Only then are you really going to "get it" and be any more than mediocre.

You don't have to accept  mediocre!

Here's why:

I've created a multimedia course called "Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success." It covers the training that makes truly great fighters and Martial Artists.

And you could be starting this very same training

as soon as TOMORROW!

In Just a Few Months From Now You'll Be Having To 'Fess Up How the Hell You Got So Good So Fast

People in your life will notice something ?new? about you too.

 What you discover also benefits you greatly in your everyday life too.

Imagine that!  Fight skills truly training you for living your life.

Or how cool would it be to win tournaments with less dojo training than everyone else?

How would you like to be able to learn new moves quickly and with minimum effort?

Walk down the street knowing what 99.99% of others are oblivious to.

"See" what others can't.

Would that be great or what?

Even if you're not yet a Combatives or Martial Arts  practitioner, many of the techniques and much of the training can be started right now to jump start your abilities with the power of a 747 at full throttle.

Hell, even if you never take up a Martial Art or fight system but use this stuff wisely and effectively you will significantly improve your health, confidence, and all round abilities in your everyday life.

That's what this course will give you the freedom to do.

In addition to my brain dump of 30 years of what works and how to get those skills quickly, much of the course is there because "you asked for it".

I asked what questions people just weren't getting answered anywhere else and then I answered them.

This is info beyond what you've ever been told before.

Here's  just some of what what you'll discover in the "Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success" course:


  • Your MIND is your most devastating weapon. Smart beats force every time. Get the skill accelerating mental training that makes you the Einstein of any fight

  • The essential insider street effective knowledge that will save your ass (Don't be one of the many martial artists who get whipped big time out there in the real world)

  • The amazing proven training technique that allows you to train more effectively without sweat ON YOUR OWN in the comfort of your own home. (So that Next time you train with others you will already be better than the rest)

  • What your 6th sense is, how to pump yours tenfold and how to utterly obliterate your opponent's with devastating effect.(did you know you actually have 12 senses?)

  • Revealed- Why training completely on your own just won't cut it and how best to maximise your academy time for the best bang for your buck

  • How the blockbuster movie "The Matrix" shows you what you really need to get your head around to massively succeed. (Why not be entertained too while you learn! You'll find it that much easier)

  • The truth about the one inch punch, made famous by Bruce Lee, and how to perform it.(Once you "get it" it will unlock many skills)

  • The secret of rookie Australian Wing Chun students who won world full contact titles and how you can benefit immensely from it.

  • What elite professional athletes pay tens of thousands of $$s for at their special secluded training camps disclosed. Only you won't have to pay mega dollars for it like they did and will be able to use it  anywhere and anytime you like!

  • The essential hidden benefits of sparring and how it will propel you to be truly awesome

  • What the hell really is Chi? (We've all got it, can use it and train it)

  • How to use and develop Chi in your fighting AND your everyday life. (this really isn't science fiction bullshit)

  • How to wire open the brakes on your speed so that they won't even see what hit them till it's all over

  • What you need to do to train yourself to use your own Chi as an awesome sense organ and know your opponents moves just as he does

  • No matter how hot you are your biggest obstacle in any confrontation or bout is FEAR. Find how to blow it away for maximum effectiveness

  • Ninjas-----the myth, the reality, the techniques

  • How to take out big guys on the street or in the dojo. (hey they're human after all. Well most are anyway!)

  • Stretching the wrong way will put the lid on your development and you'll never be great. Find out how and why you won't move like an 80 year old when you're only 40

  • Get an overview of many styles to find what really suits you, so that YOU become devastatingly effective. (It's the fighter not the style that wins). You need the skills suited to turning you, not John Doe, into the fighter they all run from (if they can)

  • What most martial arts instructors don't teach you because they know Jack Shit about it themselves

  • Iron Palm and Iron shirt. Harmful or not?

  • Get the huge benefits the modern age has brought to martial arts and fighting skills (apart from this course ;-)

  • Why your weapons are extremely dangerous to YOU. (fall into this trap and you'll be dressed in a body bag)

  • Master simple breathing exercises to develop your Chi that you can do anywhere anytime (with our busy lives it's sometimes the only way)

  • The most fantastic bruising and soreness remedy for fastest recovery. (if you train as you should you WILL need this)

  • The key of enjoyment that unlocks your speed and ability that will seriously freak you out

  • The modern cinema technique that gives you big picture feedback on your training so that you see weaknesses you never knew of. (If you don't know it's wrong you'll never fix it)

  • Discover the unbeatable advantage subconscious success programming gives you.(ALL successful people do this whether they know it or not)Simply lock your guidance system onto your success target and hunt it down like a smart bomb

  • The no nonsense food intake you must follow to be as sharp physically and mentally as a samurai Wakizashi. (another great benefit is that it tastes sooo good too)

  • Why your weight, strength ,speed and agility are the least important parts of winning a street fight. (and why the one simple secret that is important will give you an immediate and enormous advantage over any other fighter you meet)

  • How to use a little know "secret step" to always gain ground on your attacker (you'll be over them like a tsunami before they can blink)

  • The simplest move so effective in ending fights that gives you an instant advantage over any attacker no matter how tough or large. There's no defence anyone can use against this.

  • Discover how to rewire and turbo charge your brain to quickly and easily "own" brand new moves and techniques that you struggled with big time before

  • Discover the reason you probably weren't wired fully right from birth and how with some simple tools I give you, you can now complete the job and get massive results fast

  • Get the step by step success automation master plan that virtually guarantees success in anything you really want to achieve. Kick procrastination in the ass and out of your life forever

  • You will uncover mind  secrets to melt away the roadblocks that  always seem to smack you between the eyes

  • The no BS golden mindset that ensures the job gets done and done in the absolute fastest time

  • The proven secret to pack the most training into half the time and how you will absorb any techniques much more effectively in double rapid time

  • What you absolutely must do to prepare for any surprise attack so you can waste the ass almost as fast as if you used a hand gun

  • The surprise "do nothing" skill enhancer method that I stumbled on to that has blown away anyone with amazement that I've taught it to. You will be too when you use it

  • The instant "simple to learn" technique test to weed out moves that will waste your valuable time and leave you vulnerable in any "on the street" confrontation

  • Style or fighter! What's more important?

  • Thinking can majorly stop "doing". Find out what you must do to keep out of this trap and become a blur of speed rather than remain a clunky robot

  • Ancient wisdom, modern practicality. What Yin, Yang and the five elements are and how they relate to you

  • Discover the code of martial arts

  • Find out just how powerful Chi can be

  • What internal styles really teach (and how you can use this no matter what style you train in)

  • What to do against a knife attack if you want to stay off the mortuary slab (assuming you don't have a gun that is ;-)

  • Are martial arts sport? (this is really a fundamental question that you need to be clear on to be effective and safe)

  • How to achieve the most effective knock out punch.(if you have the right opening this is devastating and puts his lights out quicker than a Mack truck through his living room)

  • How you can develop your Chi to almost supernatural levels

  • How Martial Arts and "Self Defence" training are very, very different


You've Also Got to Know These Vital Facts


  • FACT! The self defence mindset can get you killed. Get the self protection actions that give you the upper hand every time

  • FACT! Many would be fighters suffer from "martial arts glass ceiling syndrome" Find out if you suffer from it and how you can explode it to dust and quickly make quantum leaps forward

  • FACT! To end the fight fast you need to know what  pressure points will immediately incapacitate your attacker and end the fight. (not the ones that take your acupuncture guy 2 minutes to find. You need the ones that are easy to hit under fire and work)

  • FACT! Being able to avoid a fight in the first place may just save your life. You get the no BS low down on how. (no one wants to be a dead hero! Well OK, some extreme Islamic fundamentalists excepted)


What This All Means To YOU


Quite simply you have a massively better chance at becoming a kick ass fighter quicker than ever before.

Your life will explode with new possibilities.

That's why you should invest in this course today.

(All you need is a credit card, or Pay Pal account. It's totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)


You don't know me much yet and perhaps you're a bit unsure what I'm telling you is the real deal.

That's cool.

I'd be cautious too. So check out what a few people just like you, who have the course, said already


"Thanks for this brilliant course".

"I love the section on learning from the matrix. I love the film, and this made me enjoy it even more, looking out for the phrases and meanings.

Also the section on advanced training, because I've already achieved my Black belt in Tae Kwon Do this section gave me ideas on which direction to go next."

Adam Ford-     Great Britain



"It has benefited me greatly. The power in my kicks and increased flexibilty is awesome. But the best part is sparring. My anticipation of my opponent has increased ten fold. Thank You"

Tim  Stone-       Germantown, WI


"I found the whole package to be very well laid out. I have been training in the arts for a while now. A lot of the knowledge and understanding I gained from countless books that I have consumed over the years was right here, neatly packaged. I keep this on hand as a go to first reference. The section on why your weapons are dangerous to you will be especially informative. A great buy!"

Aaron  Erickson



"One of the things that has helped me improve drastically, is visualization. I am able to strike harder and react quicker, and my endurance has increased incredibly simply by "seeing" myself perform at a higher level. For some time I was exercising my body, and studying for my mind, but never truly made the connection as to how everything that made up me was connected as a whole"

James Voulgarakis-  New York


"Getting Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success was one of the best decisions I?ve made for improving my skill in my Kung Fu. It clearly and strait to the point explains what is necessary to succeed in your art. For me it unlocked mental doors and has given me a far greater perspective on how to approach my Kung Fu and with it life, because the two are intertwined. A question to think about is: -When you get to the peak of you physical strength can you be stronger? For anyone who truly wants to take their Martial Art to the next level and improve faster then this is a great place to start because the course is a combination of great perspectives (East meets West) on how to get there, it really woke me up.

Shaun R-    Auckland,      New Zealand


"I would like to thank you for making the information that you and me had to spend years of training and research to discover more readily accessible to more martial artists. Thank You, Sincerely."
Branden Bauer-  Sarasota FL



"Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success opened for me the door to real-world knowledge, something that I could use not only in my martial art practices but in my daily life as well. After listening  from start to finish I began practicing each day. Four months later I signed up to shotokan karate classes at a nearby dojo. My abilities as a white belt exceeded those of the green belts, and since then I've been the top student in the class. Now as I continue my training I am also helping sensei teach younger students. In addition, the PaTuanTsin has improved the quality of my life on many levels: relationship with my mother is no longer tense, I am much more centered in body and mind, and I have tons of energy through the day! Thanks Rod, for making this information available to us all. Anyone who is serious about improving the quality of their life, and isn't afraid of mixing in some ancient wisdom, should consider Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success"

Matthew Ramos-     Paterson , New Jersey


"Yes I have benefited from Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success. But I have to say that I am not a martial artist. I am a basketball player, who wanted to increase his vertical dramaticaly. On the one hand I had a good program, but I wouldnt get through it without the tips from Inner Secrets of Martial Arts. It helps me to stay focus and get through this program. It was a big boost and makes a lot of hard things easy to do for me."

Pierre Houben-  Bonn,    Germany


"I particularly got a lot from developing "Chi", the secrets of the Ninja, and optimising diet to gain greatest benefit in martial arts training. I'm a 2nd Dan black belt at the Wakefield Karate and Martial Arts College; I train in Wado Ryu and Kobu Jutsu."

Al Friedle-    Wakefield, Great Britain

"I have trained for the last 28 years under several masters and have researched martial arts extensively. Nothing can take the place of experience and knowledge, and I can tell you have both along with some very good teachers.This information can only be obtained through extensive experience, or if your lucky enough, you may learn it through an authentic martial arts master although most are reluctant to share this kind of information"
Gary Greer-   Kaneohe, Hawaii

"The one inch punch method help me teach students that to be fast you must be relaxed. As we know power is developed from speed and accuracy."
Gary Nichols
President and Master Instructor
Academy Of Martial Arts
5163 Dogwood Drive
Milton Fl 32570


"Once I had recieved The inner secrets of martial arts success I was a bit skeptical on recieving something over my e-mail address and how simple it look, but as of right keep with me each time I go  to my martial arts class and with the part on nutrition I have more of a focus mind in class and outside of class also my form improved greatly. Coming across this material is by far the best investment I made."

Everett  Osceola-     Hollywood,   Florida


"I very much enjoyed the in depth explanations and way it really got me in touch with what is really going on behind all of the kicking and punching. It pulls back the veneer, so to speak and gives a master's eye view of virtually all the martial arts. You have made my practice of the arts more meaningful to me. I have been enlightened and I thank you."

Ernest Ross-   Pennsylvania


"The varied perspectives put forth in the "Inner Secrets" has allowed me to incorporate new aspects of training into both my personal and my students regimen. The "Inner Secrets" is a valuable, practical, and usable tool for all martial artists."

Mark Kaufman-     Montpelier,   Vermont


"Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success is  great . It taught me to look at martial arts and defense in a whole new way. It demonstrates better approaches to training methods. It is really worth the price."

Antony Kunjachan-    Cochin    India


"The inner secrets of  martial arts helped me to continue my training through injury and fatigue. I am an external stylist, and the internal exercises have benefited me greatly in terms of balance and recovery time. It was a great investment."

Chris  Brown-    Sydney,  Australia


"Your information is wonderful. I am very pleased that someone out there thinks along the same lines that I do. It has really helped me not only in my own studies but also when I teach others. Thanks,"

Allen  Adams-   Greenfield,  IN


"Hi I would first like to thank Rod Turner for making me aware of priveledged information, not only has this helped in my everyday attitude towards life but in my job as a firefighter, where I have really noticed a big diffference. I cannot wait to see what else you have got !!!"

Roberto Corden-   New Zealand


"Very thought provoking insight into what the human body may be capable of with the correct attitude and practise. I also have to admit that the basic ideas that may slip you by while trying to suss out the complexities of an art really amazed me... thanks."
Luke Smith -   Birmingham  Great Britain


"I found the course very, very informative. I found the information it to be very useful and it fits in well with my training. It also has helped me better grasp the concept of martial arts, and reset goals for myself that I have been more or less straying from."

Thomas Lowe


"This amazing product have change my way of living; I gain an extraordinary mental upgrade that let me realize that the solution to my problems are in my head. I also learn a few techniques to relax and upgrade my body with ancient chi techniques. This is so coollllllllllllllllll."

David Collado Ferrer-     Guanica     Puerto Rico


"I have learned a lot from this material especially things regarding chi. I also liked how you put the matrix into all of this. Thank you it was a wonderful help."

Christopher Scherer


"What I loved best,was the whole insight into the spiritual side of the Martial arts. The section on Chi was fascinating.. and the part about coping with fear."

Linda McMullan - Holywood,   Northern Ireland


"Hi Rod,

Thank you for sharing your experience and perspectives with me through your audios. I greatly enjoyed  both Inner Secrets and the Ninja extra.

I particularly liked the emphasis on the correct attitude towards martial arts as a lifestyle and means of personal development. The one-inch punch expose was revealing.

I have already found that relaxation with full attention and calm are helpful in aikido practice.

The sections on fear and visualization were very useful.


Finally, I like your no BS approach; you provide a down-to-earth and balanced perspective on martial arts, emphasizing both the vast potential as well as the human limits inherent in training."
Martin Lee-  Singapore


"I especially liked all the info on chi, as someone who has studied Qigong (Chi Kung) I like to get all the chi related info I can. Qigong is more for healing but the info you give Rod is how to use Chi to explode in the martial arts!"
Bryan Blackwell-  Mocksville, Nth Carolina


"Following my experience with Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success, I can truly say that it has changed the way I approach martial arts training. 

I highly recommend Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success for the novice who wants to improve quickly and the expert who is looking to go even farther."

Alex Meske -   Columbus OH


"I currently apply the principles of the "Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success". Among other things, it improves practical life saving common sense. It imparts valuable experience and insight into the martial arts. A good resource for beginning and advanced practitioners. Thank you "

Laslo Kishazy-     Union,   NJ


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Pa Tuan Tsin

or translated to English, The Precious Set of Eight. These classic exercises have been used by Wu Shu practitioners for many centuries, possibly even thousands of years. Why? Simply because they are massively effective in developing and circulating Chi within the body for maximum health, wellbeing and combat effectiveness. On the surface this set of movements seems quite simple. THEY ARE! In fact they are so much easier to learn than Tai Chi Chuan or similar forms. But once you start with them you will be hooked like a junkie on the vitality you gain from them.  Once  learned   correctly ( and this only takes a few sessions) the more you put in the more vitality you get out.

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But if you don't, then here it is.


WWII was the birth of refined hand to hand techniques that had to work in the everyday life and death conditions of war.


They also had to be taught to new recruits rapidly and effectively.


Applegate and Fairbairn originated the training most of the allied forces received.


It's all in here


  • Offensive unarmed combat

  • Defensive unarmed combat

  • Knife attack and defence

  • Firearm disarms

  • Prisoner control

  • Confined spaces combat and raids

  • Baton weapons

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  • Find out who the ninjas were, what they did.

  • Discover their skills, tools, weapons and techniques.

  • How were the ninjas able to disappear?

  • Who was more feared, Samurai or Ninja?

  • Who is more effective, an "ordinary" martial artist or a ninja?

  • Who the Ninja of today are and what they do.



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This comes from a time when Jujitsu still included many strikes and was a more "complete" fighting system.


Jujitsu has seen a big resurgence with the high profile of the Gracies and UFC.


To those in the know it has always been a powerful system.


And the emphasis (rightly so) is on centre of gravity work


The photos in this work are a little comical sometimes with their bowl haircuts, hats, jodhpurs and riding boots, but by hell the techniques still do some damage.


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The Art of War

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Hagakure's "The Book of the Samurai"

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